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What Deaf Callers Can Expect When Calling 988

May 9, 2024

Ever wonder what happens when you dial 9-8-8? Join DeafLEAD and DeafHealth in a conversation about 988 Lifeline, the three digit 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline provided by the federal government. Have more questions for us? Comment below! 

DeafHealth advocates for access in healthcare and Deaf LEAD provides a safe space for anyone in need of support. Deaf LEAD provides 24/7 crisis intervention, advocacy, case management, interpreting, and mental health support services.  

*We are creating a space to have safe discussions about difficult topics. If you have comments, please share with respect and consideration to others. Today, we are grateful to have accessible services like National Deaf Therapy, Deaf LEAD, Deaf Counseling Center, and more. If you or someone you know is struggling, please reach out to support services such as your physician, the local ER, or the 988 hotline in ASL ( and click ASL NOW). 

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Transcript and Video Description

[Video Description: The post has a video thumbnail with a teal shading overlaid. The middle has a white stripe with the title “What happens when you call a crisis line” in blue text. In the video: two individuals have a conversation with each other. Aylah wears a white shirt and clear rimmed glasses. Jovannah wears green glasses with a vest and brown rimmed glasses.


(Aylah) I’m having a difficult time with a few life changes right now. I’m thinking about contacting 9-8-8 for support. I’m not sure what to expect... (Jovanna)I completely understand. DeafLEAD has trained crisis counselors ready to provide assistance and resources. Give us a call, I'll show you how it works. (Aylah gets on the computer and the screen shows her going online to (or call/text) and going on the “for Deaf & Hard of Hearing” and scrolling down to click the bottom with “ASL NOW”) (Jovanna) As you can see, you can easily connect with a trained crisis counselor fluent in ASL. You do not have to share any information about your name or location. All information is entirely confidential. (Aylah) That’s good to know, what do I do now? (Jovanna) You take the lead! We listen to you, share empathy, and provide support or resources as needed. (Aylah) I know others who are struggling as well. Can I recommend 9-8-8 as a resource for them? (Jovanna) Yes, please share this resource! This resource is available nationwide for Deaf, hard of hearing, late-deafened, DeafBlind, and ASL users. (Aylah) Thank you so much! This is really a valuable resource and so easy to remember. 9-8-8. Thanks! 

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