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Healthcare Includes Long Term Care

December 21, 2023

Topics covered: Long term care, living and dying

Jessica’s fear is a reality for many Deaf adults. Accessible healthcare is not just for doctor’s appointments, but also long-term care. We deserve to have peace of mind in healthcare at all times.  

We are creating a space to have safe discussions about difficult topics. If you have comments, please share with respect and consideration to others. As we age, we are grateful to have advocacy organizations like Deaf Seniors of America, National Association of the Deaf, and many more local groups that are on the front lines every day.  

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Video Description and Transcript

Video Description:

The post has a video thumbnail with rose shading overlaid. The middle has a text bubble that reads “Real talk: my biggest fear” in white text with blue background. In the video: A woman with brown shoulder length hair is sitting in front of the camera and she wears a black and white shirt with a black cardigan.


Real talk? My biggest fear is dying alone, lonely. Sadly, this is a reality for many Deaf individuals. Why? Because many senior community living centers are not accessible yet. That ability to connect, socialize, and communicate with other people and patients there is impossible. There’s no accommodations. The ability to receive quality, accessible, equitable medical care, for many Deaf people, is also impossible. We still face many healthcare barriers. I don’t want that. [The screen fades to show a thumbnail of a faded white background of a doctor holding hands with another individual] Deaf. Healthy. DeafHealth. Learn more at] 

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