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Safe Sex With jooux

February 13, 2024

Join jooux and DeafHealth in a conversation about safe sex and communication! DeafHealth advocates for access in healthcare and jooux provides a welcoming, safe, and informative space surrounding sexual health. Jooux’s Bee Gehman is a certified sexuality educator and a well-respected source to rely on for all your sexual inquiries in ASL!

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Video Description and Transcript

Video Description:

The post has a video thumbnail with a teal background and a teal bubble. The middle has the text “Conversations about safe sex” In white text. On the bottom of the video, Bee and Aylah smile to the camera. In the video: Two people are having a conversation. Bee has curly hair and pink glasses and wears a black shirt with a blue and pink vest. Aylah has curly hair and red glasses and wears a black shirt.


(Aylah) Perfect, I caught you! (Bee) What’s up? (Aylah) I matched with someone on a dating app. I’m nervous because we have a date for Valentine’s Day, but I don’t know their history, status, or preferences. I’m overwhelmed and nervous. (Bee) That’s exciting! Have you had a chance to talk with them about safe sex and your plans? (Aylah) No. Conversation? What do you talk about? (Bee) That conversation can help you understand your partners and their preferences with barriers. We have several barrier options such as internal and external condoms, and many more. Oh yes, and gloves too. (Aylah) What, seriously? (Bee) Yes! Non-latex gloves are underrated and often overlooked as a barrier method. Let me demonstrate. They can be used for any activity involving finger penetration, such as stimulating the vagina or anus. To maintain hygiene, replace the gloves with new ones when transitioning between body orifices, preventing the transfer of bacteria. Avoid inserting a finger in the anus, then into the vagina, this can lead to contamination. Always prioritize the safety and well-being of your partner. Using a fresh glove for each orifice is an effective preventative practice. Gloves also serve as a great alternative to dental dams in unavailable. Dental dams can be hard to find, so you can makeshift one from a glove. Simply remove the fingers, then cut the palm area into a straight line to create a dental dam. How resourceful is that? This is what an internal condom looks like, featuring a handy insertion ring, they can be guided into the vagina or anus with ease. Don’t forget to apply lube for added ease, comfort, and sensation. Condoms aren’t just for penises; they can be used on any phallic-shaped objects like toys, strap-ons, dildos, and vibrators. (Aylah) Cool! There is so many options to choose from. (Bee) Starting this conversation can be scary at first, but don’t let fear hold you back. Approach it with the mindset that it can be fun, empowering, and even enjoyable. By initiating this conversation, you show a genuine concern for your own well-being and your partners.

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