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Getting a Good Night’s Sleep 

September 13, 2023

Good sleep = A healthier you! Getting enough sleep helps improve mood, brain function, and productivity. Even better, you can reduce your risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and depression. Go catch your Zzz's! 

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Video Description and Transcript

Video Description:

The post has a video thumbnail with blue shading overlaid. The top middle has "Get a Good Night’s Rest" in white text with rose background. In the video: A young woman with brown curly hair is sitting in front of the camera with shelves, books, and decorative items behind her. She is wearing a pink shirt with metallic-framed glasses.


Getting enough sleep is so important and can help improve our mood, brain function, and productivity. It can reduce risks regarding obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and depression. Get proper sleep! [The screen fades to show a thumbnail of a faded white background of a doctor holding hands with another individual] Deaf. Healthy. DeafHealth. Learn more at] 

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